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With a different style, Aki introduces us to MUSTE, a new band that integrates musicians from different bands and influences to make a type of music that is no longer played on radios.
With only a week of the release of their first single, "Herätä Mut" has already received the public’s approval and this is due in large part to Aki's popularity as the drummer of one of Finland's most successful bands, The Rasmus ; without demeaning the talent and versatility of the other members of the band.

In the vocals, imposing a unique and particular style, we find Robin Wicker, a man of mystery and charisma, possessor of a prodigious voice whose range goes from baritone to tenor; then, Jyri Majalahti impress us in first guitar besides being the lead mind behind the band's creative process; Babak Issabeigloo, creator of beautiful harmonies, accompanies them in the second guitar, keyboard and secondary voice; Benjamin Lehti guides the band with the right notes in the creation process, we listen to him on the bass and as the second voice.
Four outstanding musicians, who added the rhythmic and dynamic style of the drummer Aki Hakala, and combined their skills resulting  in their successful debut.

MUSTE names its style as a melancholic "rock 'n' roll of hope". With which they pretend to make us pass the moment with melodies and contagious rhythms.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode, Cardigans, Kent, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Gorillaz and Soulsavers are some of their references when creating new songs; as well as classical material such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bowie, etc. Who built the musical identity and way of thinking of each one.
The band does not rule out recording in English and presenting an album, for now they already have a second single recorded. They want to go step by step and dedicate themselves to the promotion of Herätä Mut.
Among other things, the recurring question of the followers : "Will Aki leave The Rasmus?", Aki has been emphatic with his answer :"of course not."

Read the interview that TRP did to Aki and Muste


All of you belong or have a close bond with other bands for a long time, how has been working together in Muste?
M: Very well, we started out as a studio band, but then we really bonded during the practising sessions, some of us knows one another from long before while others are newer friends.

Robin is very versatile, we can see this in The Death of Gagarin, where he handles a different style from the one we see in Muste. Will we see another facet of him in Muste?
A: I think Robins unique style always is a reaction to the music surrounding it. In T-DOG it was one kind of musical style that ’produced’ a similar kind of vocal response. As for Muste there is another kind of response.
Still there are the same trade marks so to speak, the love for falsetto, the going from a whisper to a scream… etc
As for the future… I’m sure we will see different facets of both the singer and band.

How did you perceive the reception of ‘Herätä Mut’ within a week of its release, has this covered your expectations? With only one single you already have Latin American followers. What was the reaction of the members of the band, are they familiar with this audience?
M: We are extremely happy about the response! Both in Finland and abroad. Thanks to our drummer Aki being in on of the most succesfull band ever coming from Finland, we have also been introduced to the rest of the world, and that has made us really happy. We want to thank you all for the great support you have shown us.

In an eventual album, what sounds can we expect? Would ‘Herätä Mut’ be considered as a representative sample of a Muste LP?
M: Both yes and no. Herätä mut is very much MUSTE, but MUSTE is also so many other things. We are are multi-dimensional musical experience… just give us time and you’ll hear.

Aki, you are the only member of The Rasmus who had not presented an  alternate project before, why did you decide to present it now?
A: I’ve been asked to play in other bands in the past, but i always said NO. There is no reason for that. Maybe i just wanted to be a one-band-guy, and of course we’ve been very busy with The Rasmus touring around for many many years. No we had a bit longer hiatus with The R, and it was a right time and right people, so i decided to jump in and see what we could create together. And i’m really happy i decided to do so, I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

Aki, your visit to our country (Peru) was very short, is there a particular place that you would have liked to visit?
A: Right, it was way too short trip!!! I really hope we will get a chance to come back! Of course i would love to visit legendary Machu Picchu, and i promise one day i will. Actually many people from your country are willing to be a guide for me, hehehehe….

Aki, Babak, Benjamin, Jyri and Robin, thanks for your time, we hope you do well in this project. Do you have any messages you would like to tell to your followers?
M: Thank you!! It was our pleasure!! Stay tuned, we’ll release more music 2017!! Happy Holidays and have a great 2017!!!!!!!!

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