A paradise after the shadows

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Finnish band The Rasmus released "Paradise" on March 31st, the first single of their new studio album, to be released in September.
After 5 years the most famous quartet from Helsinki returns - to the delight of their fans- with new material and a lot of attitude to re-conquer the public.
"Dark Matters" is the name that will start a tour of world destiny and more extensive than the previous ones.
We asked the band some questions and Aki Hakala answered them for The Rasmus Peru Blog

Why did you choose Paradise as the first single? Does it have any special meaning?

-We all agreed that ”Paradise” is the first single. It has something “old” and something “new” and fresh.  These 2 sentences sums the lyrics perfectly: ”Paradise is a relative thing, one man’s hell can be another man’s paradise”. There will be a video for the song too..

Paradise has made a good impact. However, some fans expected something more rocker, how do you take this kind of reaction?

-Yes, that’s great we really appreciate all the great feedback! We haven't seen this kind of reaction….Of course there is always discussion and speculation around the new release, but we made music that we would listen ourselves , music that we like. I know it’s a selfish point of view, but it’s the only way we know how to make music. Hope people will like it too!

Tell us something about the new album, how is it composed? What atmosphere will it have?
-We don’t want to talk about the album too much now, it’s a bit too early. Still working on it. It will be released later this year. It is recorded in Stockholm, Sweden with producer team The Family.

These 5 years of personal projects have somehow influenced musical and emotionally the new album? Was the creation process different from the others?
- Of course, many things has been happening, i mean 5 years since the previous album…It’s a long period. There has been big personal changes in our lives, which have influenced quite a lot. Also, since the last album, Lauri moved to Los Angeles, that resonates in many of the songs he has written.

Will you release more singles before the official release of the album?

-Well, its too early to say. Of course there will be more singles, but no dates have been set yet.

 Do you think this album will represent a new twist in your career?

-Of course there will be a little new twist in our music, which is always good! Let’s see how it affects our career.

How much has The Rasmus adapted to social networks now that the digital age has taken on more force? Do you plan to do something to interact with fans in real time?

-The world has been changing a lot! Of course we’ll do live chat or similar things. And we are active on our FB, and Instagram. It’s a great way to communicate with our fans as we have fans in every part of the world.People can follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therasmusofficial/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therasmusofficial/?hl=enYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RasmusOfficial/featuredVK: https://vk.com/therasmus

The dark birds and the classic logo of 2003 came back, how did the idea of taken this graphic line again arise? Could you say that this album is the second part of Dead Letters, 14 years later?

-We decided to go back to leaf logo, cause it is definitely the best The Rasmus logo ever! It is ”THE” The Rasmus logo. And the black crows has always been part of us. For the previous self titled album we wanted to have different logo, but felt natural to go back to the leaf logo. DEAD LETTERS is already 14 years?? Time flies…

In the past we have seen collaborations of The Rasmus with other bands and singers, is there any possibility of having any collaboration in this new stage?

-Of course! We’re open for collaborations. We’ve done collaborations with bands like Apocalyptica, HIM and Annette (ex Nightwish) who was singing in October & April…I like these specials, we have to think of something this time too! We have been focusing on the album so intensively that we haven't thought of this yet.

One year after your first visit to Peru, what memory or anecdote do you have from that time?

-Great memories, way too short visit, but great! We had a chance to meet our fans, and i think we have quite a lot of fans over there. We had a great show in front of 35 000 people, and i think it was a pretty good show! Also i ate the best ceviche ever in Lima! Want to come back as soon as possible!

 Will Latin America be included in the Dark Matters Tour?  Are there any plans or talks to return to Peru?

-Of course we would love to! We don’t have have definitive plans yet to tell and we’ll de everything possible to get back to Peru! You will be informed as soon as we know.